Our house so far

October 2nd, 2007 by Nana

So it’s been over a month since we moved in.  As you can tell from the lack of posts,  inertia has set in after the frantic and crazy time before the move.  It’s like we’re little animals, “we’re safe now… yes… in out little hole… just remain very very still…”  (That’s my little animal impression, btw).

We are still unpacking (just put the glasses away yesterday actually) but for the most part we are pretty settled in. My sister, Tina, and brother-in-law, Alex, visiting last weekend helped to push us out of “we’re living in a construction site – and you know what? That’s okay” mode.  What I mean is we finally took the cardboard off the wood floors.

Still to do: carport, stone paving and concrete planters, finish the shed.

Picture from moving day – “I can make a C and a O with my hands!”


We are moving right now

August 18th, 2007 by Nana

As I write this I am in the bathroom with the kitties keeping them company because we locked them in there with food/water/litter and they were freaked out with all the activity. And actually I am freaked out because the movers are moving our BIG ASS COUCH by two guys lifting it over the mezzanine and one guy catching it on the stair.

I was here when they (a different set of movers) lifted it in place the same way and during the stress of it I swore that I would not be here when they moved it out. HA! I’m an idiot. I’m still here.

We were at the house until midnight last night vacuuming, mopping, cleaning… and might have been there longer except the main breaker tripped. This is due to our electric meter still being the temporary construction version and we are not at 100% power.

The funny thing was, we were bitching to each other about how Larry’s cleaners should be there getting everything spic-n-span for the move but when we started cleaning and getting all sweaty and tired we (or I) realized that this was the perfect thing for us to do. It really started feeling like it was our house and we were taking possession of it. Scott and I had both felt a bit like visitors to Larry’s place up until then. As I scrubbed the concrete floor with a rag and picked at bits of paint specks I was saying “Hello house! We will take good care of you.”

Okay, they have finished moving the BAC (big ass couch). I’m going to leave the bathroom to the kitties now.

Oh please please please please

August 15th, 2007 by Nana

…let us get our certificate of occupancy. We are scheduled to move in this Saturday (!!!) and we still need to have the final inspection by the City inspector and process the final bank draw request and get the bank inspector to sign off too. How did we come to cut it so tight? Why didn’t we give ourselves some wiggle room?

Well, have you ever noticed that whatever time you are given to complete a task you do it in that time? It’s like some kind of law or something.

Oh, we went to our first Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association meeting last night. They have their s*** together, boy. They are ORGANIZED! They have sector reps (we are in the yellow sector), website, steering committees, many other committees, officers, etc. Last night the City of Austin Clean Water Program department was the main attraction, and when I say the department I mean like all of them came. It was all about the sewer line replacement program and it was pertinent to us because one of their major line replacements skirts right along our new house. If they time it right it could be happening exactly when we have my family in town for Christmas. Yay!

Here are some pictures:

The wood panels next to the door and the railing are temporary and the concrete planters and path up to the house are still to come. Oh, and the carport too – which is one of the main reasons we went to the BCNA meeting. We need to get a variance to put up the carport.

Entry – paper still covers the concrete floor at the Entry.

Hallway w/ LIGHTS!!!

And last, the chrome doorknobs by Baldwin Brass. They are just adorable – I want to wear them as earrings. :D

**8/17/07 Update: We got our CO! We got our CO!

Queen of Stone

August 13th, 2007 by Scott


I’d like to buy a clue for $100 please.

August 10th, 2007 by Nana

Okay, we are idiots. We can’t figure out how to install this tub filler with standpipe. And when I say ‘we’ I don’t mean the royal ‘we’ – I mean the plumber, gc, Scott and me and any number of assorted passerbys.

The copper pipes are there and the fixture bolts to it via the nuts. But when you slip the standpipe on, then drop the fixture in, there is no way to tighten the nut. My idea was to cut down the copper pipe for a portion and connect flex tubes to them with a little bit of slack. The standpipe goes on with the ends of the flex tubes peaking out, then the fixture gets connected to the tubes then the tubes get squished into the standpipe.

Something like that. These are from England and we talked to them this morning. Emailed them pictures too and they say they understand what our problem is. Unfortunately it was Friday at 4pm there when we talked to them at 9am this morning, so they are going to get back to us on Monday.

Did I mention we are aiming to pass final inspection next week?