About Us

We moved to Austin in May of 2004 from the Bay Area in CA. Soon after we got over our shock at finding ourselves in Texas, we started looking around at houses and it hit us – in Austin we can actually design and build our own house (gasp!).

This was profound for us – we both went to architecture school and I will be getting my license as soon as I can get through the nine part Architect Registration Examination. Scott defected to be a sound designer but architecture is still a great interest of his. Neither of us thought that we would be able to do anything like this (and we still couldn’t if we lived in CA) for decades.

We found a never-developed lot in the South Congress area, which is the only place we really wanted to be. We closed on the lot in September of 2005 and here we are, in the middle of construction. The Austin vibe has definitely influenced both of us, and while we still thrill to clean, modern esthetics we are also incorporating elements of the local vernacular into our design.

The only downside to this whole process has been — well I can’t think of any! Enjoy our blog.

Nana & Scott.