Flood Plain Reviewer sucks!

I really mean it.

So a small portion, about 2ft, of the front of our lot is clipped by the 100 yr flood plain, and because of this, in order to obtain our building permit the plans have to be approved by the Flood Plain Reviewer at the City.

Last week the reviewer tells me that I have two choices, get an elevation certificate from a surveyor OR get a copy of the original subdivision map from the County Clerk’s office to prove that the lot was platted before 1983, in order for him to sign off on the application. I said, of course it was platted before then, it’s one of the oldest subdivisions in the City, but no…. he needs his piece of paper. I say, Fine, you need what you need and I will get it for you. I schlep myself down to the clerk, find the map in microfiche, get a print, scan it, stitch it together and email it to him on Friday of last week.

Then… nothing. He goes into hiding – phone calls and voicemails not answered. That’s Monday, Tuesday. This morning he leaves a voicemail saying “Hey, I got your email and messages, that plat map looks good. You were right it being platted before 1983 (note: the lot was platted in 1888) Um, the only thing is, upon closer look we are going to require that you get that elevation certificate from a surveyor.” Ha Ha. Didn’t need the map after all. Not only that, I could’ve been working on getting the survey certificate all this time!

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense but I am just very disgusted right now. I may be overreacting… I don’t know.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    Hi Nana, So sorry to hear about the glitch in your plan submission. “There’s always something…” I think these things happen to teach us patience. I am not feeling particularly patient right now. Just spent 1.5 hours online and on the phone trying to get Rand and my seats together for an overnight flight to Charlotte – they were together when I made the reservation but I changed my return flight (only) and the outgoing flight seat was changed – go figure. Anyway, enjoyed the pictures of the tree guys. Good luck. Love, Kathy

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