They might be monkeys

…is the name of the arborists that are trimming our two live oak trees so the house can fit under the low-lying brances. They are also aeriating the tree roots by shooting air into the ground in a 10 ft in diameter area using a compressor.

cimg0154.jpg  cimg0156.JPG
This is the most major trimming that is being done. We are really hoping that this limb is going to make it with so much of the length cut off. Nevic (the lead arborist guy) is going to save the big trunk for us so we can use it for something in the new house or for landscaping.  Here is the guy actually in the branch ready to start his chainsaw action.

And it turns out the local celebrity Leslie is our temporary neighbor (he is housesitting next door) and came by for a little visit.

Follow up: This is later in the day when I went by the site on the way home. The front tree looked like it just got a haircut.

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