Grasshopper Ottoman

We are thinking about this ottoman, offered by Modernica, designed by Eero Saarinen (goes with the grasshopper chair – which we are not getting). Kerri at Modernica was super helpful and is sending us samples of the walnut wood finish and a variety of fabrics in a neutral gray to off white range. I’m hoping that we can get a mohair fabric (ummm…plush).


walnut-thumb.jpg venetian_parchment.jpg
We would get a pair of them to replace these k-mart target specials (see below). I think they were like $15, or something. I gotta say, the cats have gotten 4 years of good use out of them. But don’t they look like they belong in a college dorm?


On the other hand, jojo is on this thing like 70% of his day so we may have to keep one tucked away somewhere for him. He needs his own room with all his kitty crap!



Here’s the version of the stool that we are going to order. I photoshoped it!

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