Tables are useful… so are lights

We need a table at the Entry under the mirror (see the faint green outline in the first pic). The following are the tables we are looking at. Unfortunately, nothing is screaming “I’m perfect!!” like it should, and the one that I like Scott really doesn’t (the first white one). Sigh. Why are there no perfect tables out there? I know I’m not the only one going through this. My sister has been looking for a perfect media console for months.





And for some reason I am really into velvet these days. Anything I look at – chairs, drapes, pillows – I go straight to the velvet. Mohair too… soft… I wonder if kitties like velvet too… like are they going to tear these apart?’




I guess we’re lucky that we found some pretty perfect light fixtures. Here is the first one that arrived. It is the glass disc Vistosi fixture. Each disc is separate and gets hung (loose) on a metal armature.


When you open it all up and start hanging it this is how you feel:

cimg1780.JPG cimg1782.JPG

Almost done….


Ta Da!

cimg1785.JPG Isoptin

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