Interior shots

These are some pictures we took of the interior before we moved in. I think it was the day before, actually – and it didn’t look this clean and serene again for… well it still doesn’t.


cimg1616.JPG cimg1622.JPG


cimg1640.JPG cimg1641.JPG

cimg1642.JPG cimg1646.JPG

When my sister and brother-in-law (Alex) were visiting I asked Alex, who has a professional grade digital camera, to take some photos of the house. It turns out that we’re not nearly ready and so this is what he ended up taking. (Yes, he is doing what you think he’s doing)

Oh, and not to be outdone, here’s a really cute Joey walking down the Hallway:


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  1. Sandy L. Says:

    Congratulations on moving in! The house looks really beautiful and spacious. I particularly like the big windows and the funky light fixtures. Whatever happened to Mr. Chicken though?

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