I light up our life

Scott and I have been cooking dinner at home everyday for the last two weeks (except dinner out at for sushi once) because:

1. we really enjoy cooking in our sparkling new kitchen and cleaning up in our HUGE sinks and

2. we have to save money so that we can pay for the major landscaping (concrete planters, pavers, water feature, gravel), decorative lights and necessary (and I emphasize NECESSARY) furnishings, like stools at the island.

I have been looking all the time for all the loose bits we need to fill the house and this last week I hit pay dirt!

We bought this 1960′s Murano glass disc chandelier by Vistosi for the dining area. There are bigger and crazier versions out there, i.e.:

x-01.jpg vistosi3_2-01.jpg ximg_5152-01.jpg


We also bought this sputnik fixture for either the Entry or Master Bath (over the tub)

We are going to get these old, beat-up, chipped paint (just the way we like it :))metal stools for the island. Unfortunately the colors were sold out, so I am getting 3 grays and a white stool. I love the four pronged feet.

Update: :(  These stools were sold out from under us.  I am so sad.  I did manage to get the last one – a gray…  sniff…


Thonet side chair – vinyl upholstered. This one I’m not sure about. They might be hard to reupholster and I think they are a bit overpriced at $495 (for a pair). Cephalexin

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