Our house so far

So it’s been over a month since we moved in.  As you can tell from the lack of posts,  inertia has set in after the frantic and crazy time before the move.  It’s like we’re little animals, “we’re safe now… yes… in out little hole… just remain very very still…”  (That’s my little animal impression, btw).

We are still unpacking (just put the glasses away yesterday actually) but for the most part we are pretty settled in. My sister, Tina, and brother-in-law, Alex, visiting last weekend helped to push us out of “we’re living in a construction site – and you know what? That’s okay” mode.  What I mean is we finally took the cardboard off the wood floors.

Still to do: carport, stone paving and concrete planters, finish the shed.

Picture from moving day – “I can make a C and a O with my hands!”


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