We are moving right now

As I write this I am in the bathroom with the kitties keeping them company because we locked them in there with food/water/litter and they were freaked out with all the activity. And actually I am freaked out because the movers are moving our BIG ASS COUCH by two guys lifting it over the mezzanine and one guy catching it on the stair.

I was here when they (a different set of movers) lifted it in place the same way and during the stress of it I swore that I would not be here when they moved it out. HA! I’m an idiot. I’m still here.

We were at the house until midnight last night vacuuming, mopping, cleaning… and might have been there longer except the main breaker tripped. This is due to our electric meter still being the temporary construction version and we are not at 100% power.

The funny thing was, we were bitching to each other about how Larry’s cleaners should be there getting everything spic-n-span for the move but when we started cleaning and getting all sweaty and tired we (or I) realized that this was the perfect thing for us to do. It really started feeling like it was our house and we were taking possession of it. Scott and I had both felt a bit like visitors to Larry’s place up until then. As I scrubbed the concrete floor with a rag and picked at bits of paint specks I was saying “Hello house! We will take good care of you.”

Okay, they have finished moving the BAC (big ass couch). I’m going to leave the bathroom to the kitties now.

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  1. Cindy Says:

    I just decided to check your blog and see that you guys are IN!! How exciting! Also, you have cute short hair now! Progress on all fronts. We’d love to stop by one of these weekends with JR and visit you guys. Let me know when,

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