I’d like to buy a clue for $100 please.

Okay, we are idiots. We can’t figure out how to install this tub filler with standpipe. And when I say ‘we’ I don’t mean the royal ‘we’ – I mean the plumber, gc, Scott and me and any number of assorted passerbys.

The copper pipes are there and the fixture bolts to it via the nuts. But when you slip the standpipe on, then drop the fixture in, there is no way to tighten the nut. My idea was to cut down the copper pipe for a portion and connect flex tubes to them with a little bit of slack. The standpipe goes on with the ends of the flex tubes peaking out, then the fixture gets connected to the tubes then the tubes get squished into the standpipe.

Something like that. These are from England and we talked to them this morning. Emailed them pictures too and they say they understand what our problem is. Unfortunately it was Friday at 4pm there when we talked to them at 9am this morning, so they are going to get back to us on Monday.

Did I mention we are aiming to pass final inspection next week?


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