I want this, I want that

I want this for the master bath, next to me while I relax in the tub, holding my icy cold drink and a book.

I want this in the guest bath, holding soaps and bath salts for my guests or maybe their icy cold drink and a book. Can’t go wrong w/ fake twig, right?

I want this in the Entry landing because everything is so white and concrete and crisp that I think a bench like this would be a great counterpoint:


And finally, I want this in the backyard, on the crushed granite paving next to the water feature, where Scott and I will have our orange juice and coffee while we read our Sunday paper:


Or is this better?


I also want these cement tiles somewhere, I don’t know where. Aren’t they purty? Like Candy…
picture-5.png picture-3.png picture-4.png

Also, if anyone is looking for square shower drains, here’s a cute one by Ebbe.  Thanks for finding it for me Larry!

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