We are sprinting to the finish

Yes, time for the pep talk. “You can’t slow down now. It’s the home stretch, you can see the finish line, but that doesn’t mean you can’t f@#$U@ it all up so you better buck up and breath later, got that!? Good!”

That’s just my internal dialog — I am so good to myself. :)

So, back to house business. We HAVE to pick EVERYTHING. period. Oh, and BUY IT too. I think that covers it.

The little bit of natural wood we have in the front of the house continues to be a thorn in our sides. For a moment we thought we had it (see picture). Me to Larry: “This finish sample is perfect!” Larry: “Um, I haven’t done anything to it. That’s an off batch of the Cedar, it just comes that way sometimes.” Me: “Crap.”


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