Is this creepy?

Scott and I read somewhere (I think on that it’s lucky to put a pair of old shoes in your walls before closing it up, so we both put up a pair of shoes. Now that I look at these pictures and imagine that, yes, these are sitting in the dark cavity, just exactly the way we left them…well, I’m getting a bit creeped out. Is that crazy (being creeped out, I mean)?

*the blue ones are mine, btw

cimg1061.JPG cimg1059.JPG

3 Responses to “Is this creepy?”

  1. Christopher Sabat Says:

    Uhm…that _is_ a bit strange, but I like it. You could say it adds ‘footage’ to your home, right? Sorry. That was awful.

  2. Nana Says:

    Yes…footage and sole!

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