More adventures in lighting

We have most of our light fixtures in hand, but still need:

-Entry pendants (5)
-Dining Table Pendant / Chandelier (1)
-Wall sconce (pointing down) @ Sun Room (1)

Thank the gods that Larry finally got paid by our stupid, stupid bank – that means that we get paid for the light fixtures we bought out-of-pocket. The bank saga is another story, to be told in another post.

This is an ebay fixture I am considering for the dining area. I like the idea of the white fixture blending in with the white ceiling. And it’s vintage, which I’d prefer in all the fixtures listed above.


These two are possible wall sconces for the Sun Room�are antlers done to death already? (New York Times had an article about the ubiquitous antlers in NYC shops, calling it “wilderness nostalgia”). In my defense, we do live in Texas. Hello!? What’s the point if we can’t get a little “cowboy chic” in our home?

transglobewallsconce8861.jpg transglobewallsconce9221.jpg

I like the second fixture too. The details are right, like the restrained little dot at the end of the vertical. It may be a little too dignified for us, I will admit.

This weekend we decided to move the guest room down by the Sun Room. It’s more private, with a better view and the Sun Room becomes a little Sitting Room for the Guests’ use. So this end of the house is getting more “decorative,” if that makes any sense.

annielandscape001.jpg 37269658_o.jpg

See, the Guest Room is getting this crystal light fixture and light mauve walls. The Sun Room will have the chaise and a cute chair and maybe that antler sconce.

I like it!

**Note: the photo of the crystal fixture was taken by the seller and not at my house.

Update:  Here’s the fixture as installed in the Guest Room.


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