Patio Studies

We are looking at a couple of options for the Covered Patio. This area is directly outside of the Sunroom, and when you come out of the french doors down the steps you will be facing the outdoor fireplace. The question is what do we do on the ground?

*Here’s a link to an earlier sketch with more detail

Our first choice: all Leuders (Texas Limestone) in a stacked pattern – represented by all the beige areas in the sketch. It would look so pretty and with it all level like that we can definitely set up a ping pong table there!

patio002.jpg cimg1090.JPG
This sketch also shows another idea—to engage the back retaining wall with planters and a stone bench and also a set of steps going up to the shed.

Did I mention Leuders is expen$$ive? This will be about $20/sf. Ouch.

Okay, another idea (less expensive). Reduce the square footage of the paving and also install a border of concrete around the stone. Concrete is much less. Hmm, not so into that.

patio-study.jpg cimg1091.JPG
The last thought was to put in a wood deck where the stone is shown in the first sketch. We can still have the planters and the bench and maybe some stone paving somewhere. We are definitely still thinking about this.

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  1. Sandy L. Says:

    Hi! This is Sandy =) Congrats on the new house. It looks great so far! Hope things continue to come along smoothly.

  2. Nana Says:

    Hi Sandy! Thanks for looking. You have to come for a visit when it’s done—we are scheduled to move in by July 31st. We’ll be in NY this fall too, so I hope to see you guys then. Until then keep reading and let me know if you have any thoughts/suggestions/opinions.


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