Color Studies – it’s back to coloring books for you!

So we have been trying to pick our exterior paint and stain colors and it’s hell, I tell you, hell. Larry, our contractor, is breathing down our necks and the painter is calling him three times a week. Geesh.

This is the thing: all the colors, ALL of them, need to work separately AND with each other. The stucco is one thing that we don’t have to agonize about because we have a bee-you-tee-ful stucco sample all picked out. That was the starting point for the house.

Here are two elevation studies I did, to try and picture the whole thing. Remember, the colors are not exact, especially with different computers and screens, but you get the general idea.



Patio wall with Fireplace:


Oh, and that lady is me. I’m going to get a bouffant hairdo and dress like that around the house when the time comes.

These are the actual materials – clockwise from top left:

Stucco (yum), white oak wood, paint sample (we’re actually going with a slightly more khaki grayish taupish color), “paint grip” metal roof sample, and in the center, the “bronze” painted window sample.


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