Add a little steel and you’re good to go!

We had a structural engineer review the framing, mostly for shear forces from the wind load (that’s the sideways push on the structure), and were directed to strengthen some connections to the foundation, add plywood on some walls and the biggest deal of all, to add three steel tube posts on the front wall.

These went between windows and are two stories tall. Larry, our contractor, did a great job getting all this done and now we can be secure if the 100 year wind storm hits.

4522.jpg 4521.jpg

On a happier note, here are some views of our future Living Room with drawings of future cabinetry.

cimg0919.JPG media-wall.PNG

cimg0920.JPG window-wall.PNG

Umm, coffee in the yard…


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  1. Todd Says:

    Nice job by your contractor and engineer. I’m a structural engineer and contractor and I love seeing jobs done the right way! I also have a blog about my new home and basic home improvement ideas. In an effort to increase my readership I created a blogroll ( for other home improvement bloggers. If you’re interested you should check it out. Best of luck with your home renovation!

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