O Christmas tree o christmas tree

We got a silver xmas tree from West Elm this year and I rather liked it! It took us a while to put up the lights “Martha style” (run along the bottom of each branch and wired into place so that it doesn’t show – yes, we do have a life) but once it’s done you don’t have to do it again next year. You just fold it up with lights and all. Also, I had all these little painted wood ornaments that my mom gave me and they wouldn’t have shown up very well against a thick green tree.

cimg0676.JPG cimg0677.JPG cimg0678.JPG

cimg0679.JPG cimg0680.JPG cimg0681.JPG

cimg0682.JPG cimg0683.JPG cimg0684.JPG

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  1. TBoss Says:

    that was a pretty tree y’all — and i dunno what you’re talking about with the lights, but whatever you did, it looked great

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