Come up to our second floor

… just because it’s there. Yup, actually it’s been up and running for a while but we’ve been a tad busy with the holidays and all. Here’re some pics – framed then sheathed:

cimg0686.JPG cimg0702.JPG

Everything was great except for this one window – all you could see from there was the neighbor’s red roof. And this would be the our view every morning as we went down the stairs.


So we decided to use it elsewhere and moved it to the first floor. The framers and Larry (our contractor) have been very patient with us – let’s just say this isn’t the first window or door we have had relocated. But every time I am tempted to just say “forget it” and live with something that isn’t quite right I know that I will kick myself every time I pass by it.

Something that turned out pretty awesome are the clerestory windows on the 2nd floor. They frame the beautiful live oak trees (ours and the neighbor’s ) and makes it seem like we’re alone in the woods. Sigh… I can’t wait to brush my teeth to this view.

img_3942.JPG cimg0659.JPG

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