Sticks, I say, sticks!

On Sunday we went by the site to look at the framing so far, and I gotta say, it looked pretty good! No big mistakes really, one we noticed was a double pocket door was framed as a regular double door (pocket doors usually need about twice the size opening as a swing door).

It was great to actually experience what the spaces feel like for the first time and realizing that, for the most part, we got it right. pat pat. :)
One thing that really bugged me though was that the Entry is not center aligned with anything in particular. It actually faces half-way between the hallway and the french doors. I KNEW this would bother me, but there wasn’t a readily available solution. Now that the framing is up we’re going to have to look at using some strategically placed cabinetry to redirect the entry orientation or leave it wide open so that the axis is not so pronounced.

Also the beautiful board-formed concrete retaining was was done. ummm. board form…

img_3905.JPG img_3908.JPG img_3917.JPG

Street view:

View from the future “shack” out back:

View looking up from the kitchen island towards the Entry – “Yes, can I help you?”

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