Our second purchase for the house

…is big ass hunks of old wood, white oak to be exact. We drove to Gonzales, to Discovery Architectural Antiques, looking for wood beams (to be left exposed in the covered porch roof) and possibly bathtubs. They have an amazing amount of STUFF, for instance, salvaged doors – they have 5,000 (!)

These doors, windows, siding, flooring, hardware, knobs, and yes, beams are scattered around Gonzales in several warehouses. Brad, the owner, and George were very helpful as Scott and I deliberated, “Is this too rough? too smooth? too marked? not marked enough?”

We finally chose one 9″x 9″x18 foot long white oak for the ridge beam and one 9″x9″x6 foot white oak for the outdoor fireplace mantle. They’re purrty.

cimg0622.JPG cimg0621.JPG

p.s. I had the best bbq ever – Black’s BBQ in Lockhart. Wow, everything was great, and I mean side dishes too. Here’s a fuzzy glimpse. I guess my hands were trembling in anticipation.

cimg0617.JPG img_3892.JPG

3 Responses to “Our second purchase for the house”

  1. Jung Says:

    I love reclaimed timber. Wonderful choice!

  2. Christopher Sabat Says:

    This is such a rad blog, guys. Congrats on your wood, sinks, slab and sticks!

  3. TBoss Says:

    i have a whole new appreciation for the slab of wood we saw in your soon-to-be-living room… (it sure did look niiiiiice *texas twang*)

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