Pour that Slab

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, which encompassed Thanksgiving, slab pour, and slab party along with trying to issue the complete the Construction Set for framing to begin next week.

Scott’s family came out for Thanksgiving and lo and behold it was the day of the pour so they actually got to see it happening. You can’t plan these things.

Anyway, here are some highlights:

This is what we see when we pull up to the lot. I think there were like 15 guys all waiting around for the concrete truck to arrive. Larry said it would take more than 7 trucks to pour our slab.
cimg0462.JPG cimg0466.JPG

Did I mention that Scott was recording the beautiful sounds of concrete? The guys were bemused by this.
cimg0475.JPG cimg0447.JPG

Our beautiful tree.
cimg0454.JPG cimg0456.JPG

Scott & Larry. Larry: “What do you think?” Scott: “I’m so happy!”
cimg0455.JPG cimg0453.JPG

Now it is time to pick up the folks at the airport. Whaddya know, they dress alike too. “See if you dive in this way…”
cimg0482.JPG cimg0491.JPG

By that time we brought Kathy (Scott’s mom) Rand (her husband) back to the site they were steel troweling the slab. This will be our finish floor. Rolando from PCW in a heroic pose high atop the pump truck. Thanks for a great job!
cimg0483.JPG cimg0480.JPG

It truly was a magical day. :)
cimg0493.JPG cimg0495.JPG

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  1. Paul Kim Says:

    Nice!!! Congratulations guys. There’s nothing like a slab o’ freshly poured concrete to make your day.

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