E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour)

We went on the E.A.S.T. with our friends Jeanine, Jack and Tom today and saw lots of new artists and their work and ate lots of their cookies and cake as well. We also visited with Bonnie Gammill, whose paintings we love and were lucky enough to get one of at last year’s tour, and Andrew Long, who started us off with our first ever art purchase two years ago. I guess our tastes haven’t changed because we still love both of their work. Bonnie also pointed out that our painting was featured on the joshspear.com website, which we had no idea about.

Today we went gaga over silk screen prints done by Adrienne Brabham who is an intern at the Flatbed Press & Gallery – we got five of them! Each one is so dear – I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon her work.

Tom also bought a piece – which he named “Bacon in Space”. I will post a picture of it if he will let me.

Jeanine worked out a possible trade with Holly Fisher, whose pool paintings she really liked, to design her website in exchange for a painting.

And this year, for the third year in a row, we set out with the intention of buying something from Sodalitas at the Bolm Studios, and the the third year in a row, we failed at this task. The piece we were interested in was sold already, and even if it wasn’t Jack and Jeanine were eyeing it too, so it may have been for the best that it was not available to any of us. I guess it is not meant to be… yet.

Here’s our Bonnie Gammill painting.


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