Okay, how cute are these chickens?

These are the neighborhood chickens. And when we see them Scott and I drop everything to do with the house and follow them around snapping pictures like paparazzi. There are two black and whites, and two browns and they were all having a ball, clawing at the ground and eating “grubs”, I guess.

cimg0431.jpg cimg0433.JPG

Um, so here’s Scott and Larry (our contractor) looking at some plumbing and the formwork for the slab. The schedule right now is to pour the slab the day before Thanksgiving.

cimg0425.jpg cimg0426.JPG

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  1. Addie Says:

    Nice Chickens! The black and white one looks like a Barred Rock, and the orangey-er of the red ones is probably a Rhode Island Red. (might be a New Hampshire tho.) The browner red one could be a lot of different things. What a nice thing to have chickens in the neighborhood!

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