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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

We are into the last 3 weeks before moving in. The house is going through a “prettifying” stage, where the electrical fixtures and cover plates are being installed, tile and countertops are being installed and driveway has been poured.

The house goes through these cycles, getting ugly then pretty over and over. The ugly thing is real soul-wrenching, like “oh my god, I’ve ruined the house” or “oh my god, the painters have ruined the house!”

Oh, the painting phase sucks, btw. It’s hell trying to pick the colors then, unless you pay top dollar for “artisan” painters you have to constantly ride them to do a good job. Not only that, you are still second-guessing your color choices as you tell them to paint something over.

Here’s Scott using a weeee little roller and tray to do a paint out of a color. He should paint the whole house with that, heh…

cimg1437.JPG cimg1438.JPG

Here’s the house going through some phases. See, I liked it in the framing phase, when it got sheathed it was like “oh my god a cliff-face!” (Also you can see Scott waving in the first picture.)


And some random critters to round out the post!

cimg1471.JPG Mr. resident chicken.

cimg1481.JPG Is MY plycraft chair!

cimg1491.JPG You bore me.