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I want this, I want that

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

I want this for the master bath, next to me while I relax in the tub, holding my icy cold drink and a book.

I want this in the guest bath, holding soaps and bath salts for my guests or maybe their icy cold drink and a book. Can’t go wrong w/ fake twig, right?

I want this in the Entry landing because everything is so white and concrete and crisp that I think a bench like this would be a great counterpoint:


And finally, I want this in the backyard, on the crushed granite paving next to the water feature, where Scott and I will have our orange juice and coffee while we read our Sunday paper:


Or is this better?


I also want these cement tiles somewhere, I don’t know where. Aren’t they purty? Like Candy…
picture-5.png picture-3.png picture-4.png

Also, if anyone is looking for square shower drains, here’s a cute one by Ebbe.  Thanks for finding it for me Larry!

The face of our house

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

I realized that I haven’t posted many pictures of the front facade of the house. We do have pictures but I guess once I say “Ooh, the (room_detail_material) is looking (great_like ass_weird) my focus is on what I need to do, and that mainly entails drafting or buying stuff so that I am not holding up the work.

But today I started cataloging pictures into room/area categories and it’s really interesting the see the progress. So here is the front of the house from beginning to now:














cimg1507.JPG cimg1508.JPG

The glamorous world of water filtration

Friday, July 6th, 2007

I seem to do alot of things at the last minute. Today for instance, the countertop fabricator — aside: a very nice guy named Paul, who really knows his stuff, and who, therefore, makes it really fun to talk about the minutia of some part of the house that only 3 people in this world could really give a crap about. Those three people being Paul the fabricator, myself and of course, my contractor, Larry. — was measuring and getting his sink and cooktop cutout dimensions and and I thought “Hmm, it’d be nice to have a drinking water dispenser. I wonder if it’s too late…”

The good news is, no, it’s not too late and I get to pick one out and buy it. Joy!

Here is the system in a nutshell, and this Aquasana seems like they really filter out everything and their price point seems great too. So says this water filter comparison/review, but what if the review site was put together by Aquasana as a marketing device!?! I may have uncovered a conspiracy.

But I think I will buy it. Oh, and these glass water bottles too because “you should always keep water in glass containers”. I ain’t no sucker.


*Did you know Amway makes water filters? Is that the pyramid scam? This is a shady, shady, watery world I am entering.