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Is this creepy?

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Scott and I read somewhere (I think on that it’s lucky to put a pair of old shoes in your walls before closing it up, so we both put up a pair of shoes. Now that I look at these pictures and imagine that, yes, these are sitting in the dark cavity, just exactly the way we left them…well, I’m getting a bit creeped out. Is that crazy (being creeped out, I mean)?

*the blue ones are mine, btw

cimg1061.JPG cimg1059.JPG

Update—yet more lights

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Anyone go to I get a weekly update on their new stock and they have some GORGEOUS things! Now only if the offerings were in my price range. The lesson? If you have money you can furnish your house pretty easily. If you don’t, well, it just takes a little longer. Hello ebay!

Check these out. I would love any of these fixtures in my house:

sarfatti_3800.jpg sarfatti_4.jpg


murano_white_1_750.jpg murano_white_2.jpg

six_light.jpg six_3.jpg

Here’s another one from – a candidate for the Sun Room.


More adventures in lighting

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

We have most of our light fixtures in hand, but still need:

-Entry pendants (5)
-Dining Table Pendant / Chandelier (1)
-Wall sconce (pointing down) @ Sun Room (1)

Thank the gods that Larry finally got paid by our stupid, stupid bank – that means that we get paid for the light fixtures we bought out-of-pocket. The bank saga is another story, to be told in another post.

This is an ebay fixture I am considering for the dining area. I like the idea of the white fixture blending in with the white ceiling. And it’s vintage, which I’d prefer in all the fixtures listed above.


These two are possible wall sconces for the Sun Room�are antlers done to death already? (New York Times had an article about the ubiquitous antlers in NYC shops, calling it “wilderness nostalgia”). In my defense, we do live in Texas. Hello!? What’s the point if we can’t get a little “cowboy chic” in our home?

transglobewallsconce8861.jpg transglobewallsconce9221.jpg

I like the second fixture too. The details are right, like the restrained little dot at the end of the vertical. It may be a little too dignified for us, I will admit.

This weekend we decided to move the guest room down by the Sun Room. It’s more private, with a better view and the Sun Room becomes a little Sitting Room for the Guests’ use. So this end of the house is getting more “decorative,” if that makes any sense.

annielandscape001.jpg 37269658_o.jpg

See, the Guest Room is getting this crystal light fixture and light mauve walls. The Sun Room will have the chaise and a cute chair and maybe that antler sconce.

I like it!

**Note: the photo of the crystal fixture was taken by the seller and not at my house.

Update:  Here’s the fixture as installed in the Guest Room.


Patio Studies

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

We are looking at a couple of options for the Covered Patio. This area is directly outside of the Sunroom, and when you come out of the french doors down the steps you will be facing the outdoor fireplace. The question is what do we do on the ground?

*Here’s a link to an earlier sketch with more detail

Our first choice: all Leuders (Texas Limestone) in a stacked pattern – represented by all the beige areas in the sketch. It would look so pretty and with it all level like that we can definitely set up a ping pong table there!

patio002.jpg cimg1090.JPG
This sketch also shows another idea—to engage the back retaining wall with planters and a stone bench and also a set of steps going up to the shed.

Did I mention Leuders is expen$$ive? This will be about $20/sf. Ouch.

Okay, another idea (less expensive). Reduce the square footage of the paving and also install a border of concrete around the stone. Concrete is much less. Hmm, not so into that.

patio-study.jpg cimg1091.JPG
The last thought was to put in a wood deck where the stone is shown in the first sketch. We can still have the planters and the bench and maybe some stone paving somewhere. We are definitely still thinking about this.

The villagers are at the gate and they demand…

Monday, May 21st, 2007

…new posts! They will not be satisfied until I post and post and post!!!

Actually, it was three people. Um, they asked what’s up with the blog. Like hey, what’s going on with the house? But people, I only have so much time! Between work and the house and the cats (always with the meowing and meowing) and the Oprah… I mean come on!

And really, I didn’t realize just how long it’s been since I posted. So here goes!

Have you seen this?


or this?


Or this?


or how about this? img_2597.JPG

oh yeah, and this!


Um, I think I got carried away. And yes, I am going to post more about the house, very very soon.