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What is that THING coming out our house?

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007


It’s the guts, that’s right, the guts of the house bursting out! heh.

This is the lowdown on what’s happening:

-Appliances are arriving tomorrow at the FedEx dock in Austin. Fisher Paykel all the way!

-They have sheetrocked, though we haven’t seen it yet, and door/base trim work has started.

-Stain selection hell is on hold for a little bit. We have the majority of our exterior paint colors picked out but the stained wood is, well, ARGHHH!

-Cabinetry package is out to the sub. He will NOT be doing shop drawings because we want to stay in budget.

-Concrete floor has been stained, sealed and covered up, not to be seen again for a couple of months.

-Concrete hearth/ledge at the outdoor fireplace is poured. Conduits for electrical turned out to be in exactly the wrong place. Ah, now what grasshopper? No need to panic. Larry and we are suave like that. We came up with a solution. You’ll see.

-S*&t! I have some drawings to do. I need my second wind (or is it the fifth?) to churn out the carport package to submit to the City and the shed package so Larry can build it.

Here’s a picture of Scott in our Living Room bench (wow, it’s so long). All the bits of wood are stain samples that Larry has put together so meticulously. Too bad we didn’t choose any of them. Ha!