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So tired…

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Scott is working long hours with and I have been slogging through all the minutia of light and plumbling fixtures selection and layout. This is where I whine and complain – but I’m not going to do it!  Because we are too lucky, to be able to do this project, that we can’t complain.

Here’s one of the decisions we had to make.  Which tub?



Building a house = shopping

Monday, January 8th, 2007

…and it is the biggest shopping binge you’ve ever gone on. You know how you hem and haw about spending $10, $100, $1,000 on various things in your life? Well, when you build a house this goes out the window – you are constantly “buying” very expensive things with money that does not feel like real money, aka the green stuff. And these purchases come one after another without pause. It’s all about tring to meet the budget and the need to make a decision and move forward.

Also, everything seems to come in increments of about $1k. Hence, you’ve saved $1k on your roof? Well, that’s funny because your appliance budget just went over by that same amount.

Anyhoo, this is from our latest “shopping trip”:

The Futuro “Plane” wall mounted kitchen hood
-Has a sucking power of 940 CFM. That’s for Scott.
-Also has clean lines and square edges. That’s for me.

planew3.jpg planew2.jpg

O Christmas tree o christmas tree

Friday, January 5th, 2007

We got a silver xmas tree from West Elm this year and I rather liked it! It took us a while to put up the lights “Martha style” (run along the bottom of each branch and wired into place so that it doesn’t show – yes, we do have a life) but once it’s done you don’t have to do it again next year. You just fold it up with lights and all. Also, I had all these little painted wood ornaments that my mom gave me and they wouldn’t have shown up very well against a thick green tree.

cimg0676.JPG cimg0677.JPG cimg0678.JPG

cimg0679.JPG cimg0680.JPG cimg0681.JPG

cimg0682.JPG cimg0683.JPG cimg0684.JPG

Come up to our second floor

Friday, January 5th, 2007

… just because it’s there. Yup, actually it’s been up and running for a while but we’ve been a tad busy with the holidays and all. Here’re some pics – framed then sheathed:

cimg0686.JPG cimg0702.JPG

Everything was great except for this one window – all you could see from there was the neighbor’s red roof. And this would be the our view every morning as we went down the stairs.


So we decided to use it elsewhere and moved it to the first floor. The framers and Larry (our contractor) have been very patient with us – let’s just say this isn’t the first window or door we have had relocated. But every time I am tempted to just say “forget it” and live with something that isn’t quite right I know that I will kick myself every time I pass by it.

Something that turned out pretty awesome are the clerestory windows on the 2nd floor. They frame the beautiful live oak trees (ours and the neighbor’s ) and makes it seem like we’re alone in the woods. Sigh… I can’t wait to brush my teeth to this view.

img_3942.JPG cimg0659.JPG