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Good looking faucets are expensive

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

especially the ones with clean lines, ala Dornbracht…or are they? Here are some possible alternative candidates, by Franz Viegener, Jado, Hudson Reed & Grohe.

**A word of warning: Hudson Reed’s shower and tub fixtures may not (and probably does not) meet US plumbing code. If you want to order any of these fixtures you have to research w/ the HR people, your plumber and city inspectors to make sure the fixtures will be acceptable.

Hudson Reed Side Action Kitchen Faucet $130

mm305_ls.jpg mm305a_ls.jpg
Hudson Reed Single Lever Lav Faucet $135


Hudson Reed Widespread Lav Faucet $197

grohe-33986-0000.jpg fv-u128-05.png
Grohe 33986 $196

FV Slide Bar Hand Shower Set $141

Jado Shower Set $372 

Also, I have to remember to get some kind of
mirror de-fogger for the bathroom mirrors. These act like the defoggers on the rear windshield of your car and leave a clear area on your mirror, just big enough for your face. It’s one of those things I vowed to get if I ever built or remodeled my own bathroom. Then I can be like this lady here:


Concrete ideas

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

We have two choices in coloring the concrete. The first is a chemical stain that reacts with the lye in the concrete to produce the color. This will show more varigations and have more “movement” in the concrete. Normally I am not a big fan of this finish but I just recently received a sample of a color, called “Taupe”, from Butterfield that I really like:


Problem is, I have not seen it applied in a real project. The sample is from Concrete by Design, here in Austin, so I have to ask them if they have any project that used this color that I can see.

The other choice is called Color Hardeners, and they are a more opaque and uniform finish. Butterfield makes them, also Scofield and a bunch of others. They come in a huge range of colors, although really we would only be looking at the very dark colors. Here’s an example, and a picture of it being applied at our friends, Cindy & Rick’s slab:

picture-1.png 103103_sprinkle_on2.jpg

We have to make up our minds by early next week b/c the color hardeners have to be applied while concrete is wet.

Scary Roots

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

These are some truly disturbing images of the tree roots that were exposed during concrete excavations. But Larry, our contractor, was only doing exactly what our arborist told him to do – cut the roots with an approved saw and paint them. Color unimportant.

This first photo, especially, reminds me of something from a horror movie.

dsc00914.JPG dsc00909.JPG

I digress…in the interest of equal time

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

This is our other cat JOJO. He is also recently shaved in this picture – that is why his private bits are so exposed. I swear, they are both really cute in real life.


My ugly rug – part two

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

My ugly rug is ugly no more! Let us rejoice!

Here it is before. I forgot to take before shots so these are old photos. (Also, I should say that our cats are not freaks – they had just gotten shaved the day this photo was taken):

img_2940.JPG img_3097.JPG

And here it is after:

cimg0419.JPG cimg0420.JPG

This is the best overhead picture I could get:


The particulars are: FLOR tiles, House pet in “Hamster”, Fedora in “Chartreuse”, Heartfelt in “Coeur” and “Corazon”. We cut up one of the chartreuse tiles into 1/4 strips and distributed them randomly. We also increased the width by one tile which makes the dining table feel much more gracious and roomy…in my opinion.