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Irving Gill

Friday, September 8th, 2006

I was leafing through an Irving Gill book at the office and came across this, the “Dodge House” in Hollywood.  I love the clean stucco lines and the groups of windows and doors that make bold punched openings in the forms.

I am posting the pictures here because in some ways it makes me think of the front stucco portion of our house and hopefully it will keep us reminded of what to aim for.



Windows Windows Windows

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

We are looking at three different window types, in descending order of cost:

-Commercial grade adluminum (Efco, Gherkin)
-Wood w/ metal clad exterior (Lincoln)
-Wood w/ fiberglass clad exterior (Marvin “Integrity”)

Gherkin (Efco is similiar):

These are the Lincon Windows:
img_3533.JPG img_3529.JPG

And Jeldwens, (also wood w/ metal clad) for the heck of it, though I hear it’s expensive:

We still have to look at the Marvin “Integrity” in person.