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Landscape Plan v.1

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Now that the house plans & elevations, especially the window sizes and configurations, are settling down we are turning our attention to the landscaping – hardscape and plants.

This is our first pass and after looking at it, I think we will probably move the water feature to the other side, so that the papyrus and other water plants will be visible from the Living Room and the Patio and not tucked so out of the way.

The outdoor fireplace is still up for discussion – although Larry suggested we use the Isokern fireplace which will save us some money.


Candy Cacti

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

I saw these cacti when I went to visit my friend, Patricia, at the office where she was working. The owner is an artist who built this small complex in east Austin – sorry to say I didn’t get his name – and he had collected all these cacti and had the steel planters built to house them. Look at the stucco walls too – I love the deep set windows.

I was also trying out this Photoshop method, by Blurbomat, on the photo. Pretty cool! (If I say so myself, although it does look a bit like those fuzzy, sentimental cards that have little victorian girls with bright pink cheeks…hmmm.)

Scary Roots

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

These are some truly disturbing images of the tree roots that were exposed during concrete excavations. But Larry, our contractor, was only doing exactly what our arborist told him to do – cut the roots with an approved saw and paint them. Color unimportant.

This first photo, especially, reminds me of something from a horror movie.

dsc00914.JPG dsc00909.JPG